Acting Classes


Greenwood District Studios has partnered with Ronald Auther to bring a premiere acting program to the Lansing area. Ronald Auther’s experience as the Artistic Director of the Dome Academie and Dramaturg for the Sand Castle Theater Company has given him tremendous knowledge in the acting field. Conjoined with Greenwood District Studios there is no better place to learn the art of acting.

The concept of building a pool of talented, driven, exceptional actors that come from the Midwest is a passion to aspire to, for both instructor and student. Perhaps because such concepts take place all over the world. Why should beginner acting students travel great distances and spend large sums of money to attain top quality lessons that provide the confidence to work, and train anywhere else in the world?

Accessibility for actors training for a professional career is often a multilevel problem. The reality of talent being accessible in every locale, and the only thing that stops those that have the desire to seek profession in theater, television and film, is open access to strong foundational institutions that genuinely seek to cultivate talented people who set goals in the entertainment field.

We want to bring the perfect acting classes to you! For more information see the attached file.