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  1. comedy

    Greenwood District Studios PRESENTS: funny is funny LIVE

    A 60 minute Semi-Scripted Amaru Project. A flagship television show for the Greenwood District Studios brand. It will feature and showcase underrepresented professional stand up comedians in the market today. Comics you have heard of and maybe even seen on television or live and thought to yourself, why aren’t they superstars yet?

  2. dramedy

    t.R.A.C.P. & Greenwood District studios presents: You're the Church - a film by Amaru

    Coming soon, right after the book release, You’re the Church will finally be released. It was held up due to COVID-19 pandemic. This film will be the first release under the new company and at the new studio. A successful football player makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his fathers church.

  3. dark gritty racial drama

    greenwood district studios presents: Markus & Jeremy A film by Amaru

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  4. true story

    Greenwood District studios presents: The Greenwood district: 1921 - a film by Amaru

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  5. a
    coming of age comedy

    Greenwood District studios presents: Dare to Compete - a film by Amaru

    Dare to Compete is an empowering, multicultural, and inspiring story about a high school female wrestling prodigy, who takes a male chauvinistic comment to the next level. Story inspired by some actual events.

  6. hard hitting urban drama

    Greenwood district studios presents: Breaking the Cycle - a film by Amaru

    A hard hitting drama about a family man who lies about his past to protect his family’s future.

  7. a
    Family Love Story

    greenwood district studios presents: Love Will Make it Right - a film by Amaru

    The perfect VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT. Love Will Make It Right is a story about love and sacrifice. It forces you to ask the question, “Will faith be enough to keep your family together?”

  8. a
    comedy spoof

    greenwood district studios presents: Quality Mart - a television show by Amaru & John Jenkins

    Quality Mart is a current-day, situational, scripted comedy series about the daily dealings from an employee (essential worker) perspective when you work at a convenience store in an underrepresented urban neighborhood. The first season of 12 episodes will take place in 2020 just before COVID-19 publicly hit the U.S.

    Each week, the series will try and tackle not only the issues the store employees have while working there, but also dive a little into their personal lives and struggles leading up to working in a convenience store. We will humanize the employees through humor and clever storytelling, as people seem to take these essential workers for granted, some even calling them underemployed.


funny is funny LIVE

The set-up is a 3 person stand up comedy show just like a professional standard comedy show would run. This will be a 3 camera shoot produced and shot on location at GDS. 12 episodes will be produced and shot at GDS. The show starts scripted and ends with the headliner closing out the show w/15 minutes. Included in the end credits, show will end scrolling comics’ future events for their personal promotion.


creative team

Amaru photo

Director, Producer

Fred Johnson

Consultant / Writer

Tyron Foston
Tyron Foston