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who we are

Greenwood District Studios a Black-Owned Movie Studio. The Studio is named after the 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma, race riots. The area most affected was called Black Wall Street, which was in the Greenwood District. Due to the mental illness called racism, it was burned to the ground. Fast forward to 2020, and this horrific stain in our history has either been dwindled down to a myth or it simply just didn’t happen. We must never forget!


“I believe the GREENWOOD DISTRICT STUDIO project is perfectly poised to capitalize on important changes in the entertainment industry. This is a bold yet viable step in a most promising direction and I am proud to be a part of it.”

- Fred Johnson


"I've been on many sets where a setback ends the whole shoot. Not these guys! They push through and make it happen, no matter what!"

- Greg Wolfe


"I'm super excited about what Greenwood District Studios will do for our region! Go Delta Township!"

- Fonda Brewer


"G.D.S. is a community effort to bring live professional entertainment along with a movie studio to Lansing. G.D.S. is being about it!"

- Fred Potter


"Knowing what must be done does away with fear."

- Rosa Parks


"We will show the industry what inclusion looks like!"

- Amaru

From t.R.A.C.P., llc



Future Productions


Greenwood District Studios will be searching for and incubating new diverse talent to fill upcoming project opportunities. We will show the industry what inclusion looks like!

tv shows

We have won 3 Telly Awards for Our documentary film ``Annie Was A Liar`` and our sci-fi web series, ``U.S.E``. Greenwood District Studios has a slate of new television and film projects from the urban perspective slated for production in 2021.

film festivals

We have been in the Horror hotel film fest and Michigan's own Motor City Nightmares Horror fest and a few others across the country.

film awards

Our team of collaborators have won multiple industry festival awards for various past projects. Our feature comic book film ``Ultimate Social Experiment: Survival Mode`` was nominated for best Special Effects and Best Screenplay at the Detroit Filmmakers Awards.


This is Executive Producer Kristen Kirsch and Camille McCall at the Detroit Filmmakers Awards.

Additional Info

Our film, U.S.E., from t.R.A.C.P., llc, was nominated for Best Screenplay and Special Effects.


We did not win but it was a great event and an awesome honor!

Detroit Filmmakers Awards
meet us

Some Greenwood Team Members

Just a few of the members from the creative team of Greenwood District Studios.

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Stand Up Comic / Writer / Producer / Director / Actor / Music Producer

Fred Johnson

Consultant / Writer

Tyron Foston
Tyron Foston


Lisa Michelle
Lisa Michelle

Media Relations

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