APRIL 2022 (Slated for Production)


presents a:

Funny is Funny Production


“Funny is Funny LIVE”

60 minute Semi-Scripted Amaru Project

A flagship television show for the Greenwood District Studios brand. It will feature and showcase underrepresented professional stand up comedians in the market today. Comics you have heard of and maybe even seen on television or live and thought to yourself, why aren’t they superstars yet? 

This will be semi-scripted improv and will feature live stand up performances. This show is made up of true stories from the lives of stand up comedians (the headliner per show). The catch? The stories must be true and must have happened in a comedy club greenroom and/or where the comics hang before the show. It will feature touring stand up road comics from across the country. It is In Living Color meets Russel Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam.

The set-up is a 3 person stand up comedy show just like a professional standard comedy show would run. This will be a 3 camera shoot produced and shot on location at GDS. 12 episodes will be produced and shot at GDS. The show starts scripted and ends with the headliner closing out the show w/15 minutes. Included in the end credits, show will end scrolling comics’ future events for their personal promotion.

Every week we will introduce a new headliner and feature act to a live and limited studio audience. The comics will stop in and tell their stories, good or bad, on how they rose to the headliner spot. The audience will get to see a reenactment of their story acted out by the other comics using the headliner’s voice to narrate the stories. All stories start from the GREENROOM. Stories are told while a real comedy show goes on in the background.

Comics/The Talent will be sourced and hosted by a 20 year road comic vet, Amaru. “These stand up comedians will be some of the funniest cats you may have never heard of, who make millions laugh across the world. They will be gut busting funny… period!”

“We Will Show the Industry What Inclusion Looks Like!”

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